Sunday, June 28, 2009

6 weeks down

Sorry for the lack of updates, bridge construction has gone into high gear. We have spent the last two weeks busily pourig foundations to the best of our ability. We have managed to pour the footers and first lifts for both the piers, as well as the footer on one of the far sides. We have been getting around 5 volunteers per day from the village. The Bolivians are a great help and have made some great suggestions about form design and stability. We probably mixed over 700 cubic feet of concrete this past week- our mixer only makes 6 cubic feet per batch. It´s no surprise then that most of us check out at 9 pm every night. 

Many thanks to Dwayne Lee for his contributions to the project. After he left last Monday we brought a professional engineer from Engineers in Action, Milton, to work with us. He has definetly been a great help and we look forward to having him back. 

Last Tuesday was the festival of San Juan. All the families in the town sit around bonfires infront of their houses. It was very fun, but also scary because all the little kids were playing with fireworks!!!

We have alot on our plate this coming week, but Dr. Schaad will be arriving in Bolivia on Monday. He will definetly be a great help as we prepare this project for our departure from Obrajes next week. 

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