Friday, May 22, 2009

Arrival in Oruro

A photo from the hill that overlooks Oruro.

A monument to the miners of Oruro.

After a three hour trip, we made it to the mining city of Oruro. Our engineering site is only a half hour away. We are spending a few nights in this old mining city as we prepare for our move to Obrajes.

Today we met with the prefecture´s engineering department, and they seemed to like our design very much. We will have further meetings with them to negotiate the potential use of heavy machinary. We are also going to work with the local community in Obrajes so that they will assume ownership of the bridge after we depart.

The rest of the day was spent walking around Oruro and getting a feel for the city. We went to the local market to see what furniture and foods would be available for our house. The variety was just amazing. There were loads of different vendors selling tons of different local foods. Needless to say, we definetly won´t starve. We also spent some time at the mining museum, which exhibits the mining traditions of the past.

We will be moving into Obrajes next week. We are all very excited to finally break ground for this bridge.

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